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Treating Disorders of the Cornea in Morristown

Corneal disorders can be caused by any number of factors. Genetics, corneal abrasions, diseases or even bad contact lenses can all lead to injuries and detrimental conditions. If you think you may be dealing with one of these, the professionals at Morristown Regional Eye Center can help. We serve the community of Morristown by providing diagnosis and treatment for corneal disorders. Some of the symptoms you might experience include the following:

  • Consistent pain or feeling of strain in eye.

  • Blurred vision, spots or fuzziness.

  • Sudden sensitivity to light.

optometrist and patient

If you are experiencing these symptoms, you should consult with a professional to prevent damage to your eye. Disorders that go untreated can worsen and have serious consequences. Some of the most common conditions include blepharitis, giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC) or keratoconus. Each of these have unique symptoms:

  • Blepharitis is characterized by itchy, irritated, flaky skin on eyelids, and hardening between skin and membrane.

  • GPC occurs when poorly cleaned contact lenses can be permeated by gas, resulting in irritation, swelling and discharge.

  • Patients with keratoconus experience the cornea of their eye shifting from a round shape to a conical shape, causing vision distortion.

We are committed to providing top-quality eye care to all of our patients. If you have any of these or another condition, we can provide treatment and help you recover.

Baptist Eye Surgeons provides professional vision care to the community. We treat such conditions as corneal disorders and retinal disorders, so if you are in need of eye care, you can trust us. If you are ready to receive excellent eye care and arrange an appointment, give us a call at 423-581-0360.

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Toll Free: 800-523-4464
Phone: 423-581-0360